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Flytipper fined

14 October 2016

A woman has been caught for flytipping in West Bridgford and fined £200.

The woman was served a fixed penalty notice of £200 after Streetwise linked waste dumped at the Recycling Site in the car park at Asda on Loughborough Road back to her.

Evidence was gathered from the waste which included electronic goods, plastic, cardboard and paperwork which meant Streetwise were able to identify where the waste has originated and track down the culprit.

From 9 May 2016, the Unauthorised Deposit of Waste (Fixed Penalty Notices) Regulations 2016 amended the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to allow local authorities in England to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice for flytipping. This provides local authorities with a more efficient and proportionate response to small-scale flytipping of waste which serves as a warning to would-be flytippers to dispose of their waste correctly as we're watching you!

If you spot flytipping, report it to us straight away - and if you see someone in the act of flytipping, let us know so we can catch the culprits who blight Rushcliffe's green spaces.

More infomation about flytipping, including how to report it can be found on the Fly-tipping of our website.

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