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West Bridgford licensing operation results

15 December 2016

On Friday 9 December, officers from Nottinghamshire Police and Rushcliffe Borough Council worked together on one of the first nights of action in West Bridgford town centre, targeting various community safety issues presented by the night-time economy.

The operation targeted issues affecting taxis – including compliance with licensing, parking and road safety, the safe management of pubs and bars and looked to tackle antisocial behaviour.

During the operation, 22 licensed premises were visited during the evening.

Nottinghamshire Police Licensing Enforcement Officer, Paul Horton, said:  “Last weekend’s night time economy operation in West Bridgford was really successful: not only did we provide a visible presence on the streets in the lead up to Christmas, but we stop checked licensed taxis to ensure they were safe and roadworthy.

“Licensed premises will not tolerate any disorderly behaviour and ask customers to enjoy the festivities in pubs and clubs and get home safely in licensed taxis."

“Christmas and New Year are traditionally busy times for the emergency services, and we wish partygoers a good time but ask them to think before causing trouble during the festive season.

“With office parties and general Christmas celebrations underway, pubs, restaurants and other venues are often crowded so:

• Don't leave bags over the back of your chair and keep wallets and purses mobile phones etc. close to your body to make it more difficult for pickpockets.

• Busy places make it easier for pickpockets, so be alert at all times.

• Don't drink too much - watch your drinks at all times, never leave them unattended where someone could put something in it.

• Make prior arrangements to get home. Avoid any potential disturbances on the street and stay with friends if you can. Avoid the temptation to take a minicab on the street even if you are having difficulty getting a hackney cab - it is illegal for minicabs to take passengers who have not pre-booked. Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you will be back.

• You could become a target for thieves, so take care and think before you drink.”

Various local initiatives will continue during the festive season across the County including New Year’s Eve, where Police Officers and Police Licensing Officers will visits to licensed premises looking for licensing offences, such as underage drinking, drunkenness and disorder.

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