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Pockets of green space in Gamston transferred to Council

9 May 2017

This week, Rushcliffe Borough Council took ownership of parcels of open space around a new housing estate in Gamston, which were previously owned by Bovis Homes Group plc.

Discussions about the land transfer first began back in 2015, when local residents and Holme Pierrepont and Gamston Parish Council raised concerns that the open spaces weren’t well kept and were making the area look unkempt and difficult to access. They also presented a petition to the Council about the situation.

Following discussions between the Council and Bovis to resolve the situation, an agreement was reached whereby Bovis has transferred the freehold of the land to the Council and will pay them an annual sum to fund the maintenance of the land for a 15 year period.

The Council’s Streetwise Environmental Ltd have been maintaining the pockets of land since 2015, and have received positive feedback from local residents who are now able to enjoy their local green spaces.