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Nip garden crime in the bud

11 May 2017

Unfortunately, the arrival of Spring often brings an increase in garden and shed burglaries.

While most of us take steps to protect our homes and the items inside them, we often leave other valuable property in unsecure outbuildings and sheds, which aren't strong or secure enough to protect the items from thieves.

Along with Rushcliffe Neighbourhood Police, we're urging residents to protect their property from burglars by reviewing their garden and shed security and making some changes where necessary.

These changes don’t have to be expensive. Sheds in particular can be of flimsy construction, making them often easy to break in to through windows, doors and even the roof, so take measures to protect any valuable items that need to be stored there. Power tools, lawn mowers and bikes should be chained together using a strong chain or cable and good quality padlock. Simply leaving them loose in the shed offers very little protection from the thieves.

Other tips and advice to keep your outdoors more secure:


  • Always keep it locked
  • Replace the screws in the hinges with coach bolts
  • Fit a battery-operated shed padlock
  • Fit some boarding or curtains to prevent items inside being viewed from the window


  • Install outside security lighting to the garden area, covering the shed
  • Keep garden gates locked, using a strong bolt or padlock in the middle
  • Grow defensive planting like prickly shrubs and bushes close to vulnerable areas of the home, ie fences, boundary walls
  • Create pebble borders below downstairs windows and doors to alert you of intruders
  • Don’t leave ladders or garden tools lying around, they could be used to break in to your home
  • Lots of time, effort and expense goes into planting pots and hanging-baskets - keep these safe by making the pots heavy, weigh them down with stones.
  • Protect your hanging basket by securing the chain on the basket to the bracket using a padlock or flexible bike lock.