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Parking Success in Bingham

8 September 2017

Rushcliffe staff have been monitoring the impact of the new short stay parking arrangements in Bingham and have been greeted with overwhelming support from local shoppers and residents.

The new arrangements, which operate in both Needham Street and Union Street car parks in Bingham, allow visitors to park for up to 2 hours free of charge when displaying a voucher from the newly installed ticket machines. The new arrangements were launched in the hope that they will free up parking spaces for those who wish to visit Bingham and use its local shops and facilities.

Councillor Debbie Mason, Portfolio Holder for Community and Leisure said: ‘whilst it is early days, the initial signs have been very positive. We have seen that the new arrangements have created some short term parking options for residents in car parks that are normally full of cars all day and we have received some really good feedback. We will be continuing to monitor the car parks as we look to develop an overall parking strategy for Rushcliffe and are taking on board comments from local residents.’

 Included below are some of the very positive comments we have received this week from people in Bingham:

 “I can’t believe that I am standing in Bingham and there are spare places to park. Come and shop here!”

 “Just took my lad for a haircut and, for the first time ever, managed to get parked without driving around the car parks.”

 “Perfect for me, just took the cat to the vets and in and out in less than half an hour.”

 “I’ve come to see if I could get a park after all the hype – amazing, free spaces.”

 “I’ve never seen this in Bingham. You can get a car parking space on market day, do your shopping. I used to give up. It was no use coming to Bingham on Thursday”.

 “It’s a simple thing you have done but someone like me on my own, I can get here and park for a couple of hours a day. It does make a difference to me”.