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Ensure you get in a licensed taxi this Christmas

15 December 2017

If you’re using a taxi over the festive period in Rushcliffe always ensure it’s a black licensed hackney carriage or licensed private hire operator.

That’s the message from Rushcliffe Borough Council who are advising residents and visitors in the borough to never get into a vehicle unless you have pre-booked it through a legitimate operator or use a Rushcliffe Hackney which will be black and display the ‘Rushcliffe R’s’ on its doors.

Avoiding private hire taxis that have not been booked in advance will maximise the chance of a safe journey.

Using a licensed taxi cab by pre-booking your ride home or using a recognised taxi rank means that the vehicle will have met specified standards, the driver is a fit and proper person to drive you home and that the vehicle is insured.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Communities and Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason said: “Using a taxi cab is a safe way to get home after a good night out.

“The best way to do this is to pre-book your journey home with a reputable local licensed firm for collection at a prearranged time and location before you go out.

“If you haven’t booked then make sure you end your evening at a recognised taxi rank, for example in front of the COOP in West Bridgford. There you will find Rushcliffe Hackney cabs which are black and always display the ‘Rushcliffe R’s’ on their doors.

“Never hail a private hire taxi as you will not be covered by the driver’s insurance if the vehicle is not pre-booked and the driver may be committing an offence by picking you up in that area leading to the loss of his or her licence.”

All licensed drivers can be identified by photographic identity badges that must be worn at all times.