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Council features in primetime TV’s Employable Me

17 December 2017

The Council’s focus as an employer comes into the spotlight in a primetime television documentary aired tomorrow (December 18). 

BBC Two’s Employable Me followed 27-year-old Alan Borgars as he joined the Council’s Elections team for a work placement in their busiest week of their year during the County Council elections in May before returning for the General Election a month later.

The show features jobseekers with a range of disabilities who find it challenging to secure employment because of that disablement. It also seeks to highlight to employers how their business can adapt to make it appealing to those with a disability.

 Alan’s time with the team at their Rushcliffe Arena base included a standard interview for a similar post and a work trial to test out his abilities in a real life environment.

The episode follows his journey with the team and highlights his strengths and what he can offer an employer. 

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Acting Returning Officer and Chief Executive Allen Graham said: “We were very pleased to welcome Alan to the team as a disability confident employer so he could benefit from further experience when applying for future posts.

“His interest in politics and tremendous capacity for facts figures, legislation and analysis meant he was a very valuable asset for the time he was with us.

“His enthusiasm and knowledge were excellent. We hope he and others who watch Employable Me gain further insight into how individuals can use their strengths to secure employment.”