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Residents’ survey 2015 – what you told us about Rushcliffe

The feedback from the residents’ survey that we ran at the start of the winter has now been analysed and the numbers have been crunched. Well over 700 people completed the survey and our thanks go out to those who took the time to respond. With your help, we can spot the things about Rushcliffe that you like, as well as identify areas where you think improvements can be made.

We also had quite a lot of feedback about things that other organisations are responsible for – for instance many comments related to roads, pavements and street lighting and it’s Nottinghamshire County Council who look after these. So we’ve collated all of these comments and passed them on to the right people.

You can view the full results here but here’s some of the main headlines of what you said:

We were delighted to hear that you like where you live and like our services:

  • 90% are satisfied with their area as a place to live
  • 65% agree that the council provides good value for money
  • 80% feel safe in their local area after dark and 94% feel safe in the day
  • 80% are satisfied with the refuse and recycling service
  • 71% are satisfied with street cleanliness
  • 84% are satisfied with a Council event they attended

But we were concerned that only:

  • 56% think the council acts on the concerns of local residents
  • 37% agree that they can influence decisions that affect their local area

It’s important to us that we listen to what our residents have to say and give you a chance to influence decisions that affect you. The survey results suggest that we need to do more to ensure we’re achieving this.

We’re now working on a plan to act on the feedback you’ve given us to make sure the good things stay good, and to improve those things you’re told us aren’t so good. We’ll tell you more about what we’re going to do in the Summer edition of Rushcliffe Reports and on this webpage.

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