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(Jonathan) Neil Clarke (Con) - Leader

Neil Clarke web Portfolio Holder for Strategic and Borough Wide Leadership

  • Overall direction, focus and vision
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)
  • Budgetary Policy (linking with MTFS and four year plan)
  • Strategic Economic and Business Growth
  • Collaboration/Partnerships/Combined Authorities/Devolution
  • Property Development/Investment Projects






Richard Butler (Con)

Richard Butler webPortfolio Holder for Sustainability‌

  • Planning Policy (incl Local Plan)
  • Strategic Housing Policy
  • Environmental Protection in Development
  • Development Control
  • Building Control






John Cottee (Con)

John Cottee webPortfolio Holder for Community Services‌‌‌

  • Leisure Strategy
  • Community Engagement
  • Young People
  • Customer Access and Communications
  • Cultural Services







Debbie Mason (Con)

Debbie Mason webPortfolio Holder for Safety and Wellbeing‌

  • Health and Wellbeing - Sustainable Transformation Plan
  • Licensing
  • Police and Crime Panel
  • South Notts Crime Prevention
  • Member Development
  • Member Services






Simon Robinson (Con) - Deputy Leader

Simon Robinson webPortfolio Holder for Finance and Economy

  • Finance (Budget and Debt Management)
  • Business Rates (NNDR)
  • Investment Strategy
  • Localised Economic and Business Growth Delivery
  • ICT
  • Benefits
  • Asset Management
  • Transformation






Roger Upton (Con)

‌Portfolio Holder for Environment‌‌Roger Upton web

  • Waste Management
    - Waste Services
    - Fleet Management
    - Streetwise
  • Environmental Promotion
    - Recycling
  • Community Emergency Planning






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