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Simon Robinson (Con) - Leader

Simon Robinson web Portfolio Holder for Strategic and Borough Wide Leadership

  • Overall direction, focus and vision
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)
  • Budgetary Policy (linking with MTFS and four year plan)
  • Strategic Economic and Business Growth
  • Collaboration/Partnerships/Combined Authorities/Devolution
  • Property Development/Investment Projects


Debbie Mason (Con) Deputy Leader

Debbie Mason webPortfolio Holder for Community & Leisure

  • Community and Cultural Events and Services (YOUNG , Positive Futures, Health Promotion & Awards)
  • Parish Council forums and relationships
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Environmetal Health
  • Licensing
  • Community Safety






Roger Upton (Con)

‌Portfolio Holder for Environment‌‌‌

  • Major Development Sites Within the Borough
  • Planning policy
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Housing Provision & Development (Social & Private)






Gordon Moore (Con)

‌Portfolio Holder for Finance

  • IT Strategy and Investment
  • Budgeting / Income generation
  • Housing Benefits
  • Treasury Management
  • Business rates
  • Council Tax
  • Universal Credit
  • Car Parking Provision
  • Contracts Management






Andy Edyvean (Con)

‌Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth and Business.

  • Growth Boards
  • Business Support and Development
  • Business Clubs
  • Investment and Funding Generation
  • Property Investment Development
  • Growth Deal Funding (Monitoring and Future Bidding)
  • Employment and Skills Support and Development‌