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Preparing for emergencies

Local Resilience Forum (LRF)

Rushcliffe is normally a very safe place to live. Nevertheless, emergencies do sometimes occur and these can have a significant impact on residents and businesses.

Rushcliffe Borough Council works closely with the emergency services, the County Council and many other organisations as part of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to develop emergency plans for a variety of incidents.

Please visit the Nottinghamshire preparedNottinghamshire prepared website for more information about the LRF, including advice for specific emergencies and details of Nottinghamshire's community risk register.


There are many ways in which residents can prepare for an emergency. This can include preparing an emergency kit, developing a household emergency plan or knowing what to do in the event of an evacuation.


Rushcliffe Borough Council has plans in place to ensure that critical services continue to be delivered during an emergency.

If you would like information on developing business continuity plans for your own organisation, please see the Nottinghamshire Police Business Continuity Plan.

Parish / town councils and neighbourhood groups

Parish and town councils do not have a statutory responsibility to plan for emergencies. However, it can be useful for communities to identify risks within their area and consider actions that could be taken to complement the response of the emergency services. This is known as community resilience.

Contact us

You can contact us about an emergency through the Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre. If you need to speak to us outside our opening hours, please call our emergency line.


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