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Social housing

Social rented housing or affordable rented housing is available for rent to people in housing need at rents lower than an open market rent. In Rushcliffe, all social and affordable rented housing is owned and managed by not-for-profit organisations called Registered Providers. The Council does not own any social housing. This was all transferred to Rushcliffe Homes in 2003, and is now owned and managed by Metropolitan Housing. There are also a number of other Registered Providers with a presence in the Borough, who work with us to meet the housing needs of local people.

If you want to rent a property in Rushcliffe from a housing association, you will need to register and apply through the Homesearch Choice Based Lettings scheme.

Registered Providers also offer accommodation specifically for older people, some intermediate housing (such as shared ownership) and some specialist housing, such as supported properties for people with certain disabilities.

You can see what affordable housing is provided by downloading the Affordable Housing Directory.. The directory also has the contact details of all Registered Providers working in Rushcliffe.

Changes to housing register

‌In 2013, Rushcliffe Borough Council adopted a new Allocations Policy which means that:

  • Only people who have an assessed need to move home, rather than a preference to move, can join the housing register
  • Only people who have a local connection to Rushcliffe can join the housing register
  • If you do not have a need to move or a local connection to Rushcliffe, you cannot normally apply for housing.
  • We will only take housing applications online ( or over the phone with our Customer Services Team. We no longer use paper application forms.

There are some exceptions to the new rules. One exception is that people in need of sheltered housing may stay on the housing register, because there is more of this type of property.

If you think that you should, in fact, be in a higher band, or that you have a local connection, you will need to contact us to show that you can answer "Yes" to one item from List 1 and one item from List 2 below. If you cannot show this, then unfortunately it is unlikely that you will qualify.

We will still provide assistance and advice about housing options for anybody who needs it - it is just that not everybody who qualify for social housing. We can advise you about other options such as private rent or mutual exchange of social housing.

LIST 1                  

Need for housing.


The applicant demonstrates the need for rehousing by meeting the criteria set out for Bands 1, 2 or 3 (see section 15 to 17).


The applicant is occupying a social housing property in Rushcliffe and has one or more spare bedrooms, and is willing to move to a smaller property.


At least one applicant in the household is aged 50 or over, and are willing to move into a retirement living property.


Households with no children where at least one person is receiving Disability Living Allowance, and are willing to move into a retirement living property.



Local connection, or exemption.


The applicant has lived in Rushcliffe continuously for the last 12 months, or for 3 out of the last 5 years.


The applicant currently works in paid employment in Rushcliffe for 16 hours per week or more, and has been employed in Rushcliffe for at least 12 months, or is a social housing tenant who needs to move to Rushcliffe to take up an offer of employment in the Borough.


The applicant provides or receives personal care (paid or unpaid) for/ from a parent, sibling, or adult child who has lived in Rushcliffe for the past five years and they need to move so that this caring arrangement can continue. Care must be provided for at least 3 hours per day for at least 5 days per week.         

A Community Care Assessment and/or confirmation of the arrangements by the Adult Services department must be provided to evidence this. A letter from a GP is not sufficient to prove this.


The applicant’s circumstances require them to live close to special medical or support services which are only available to them in Rushcliffe.


The applicant has been accepted by Rushcliffe Borough Council under the homelessness legislation.


The applicant has been accepted for priority re-housing as a reciprocal arrangement with another council or Registered  Provider (RP).


The applicant was placed in care as a child outside the area, but wishes to return to Rushcliffe (and previously lived in Rushcliffe).


The applicant has been accepted as part of a witness protection recommendation by the police.


The applicant has been living in temporary accommodation provided by a local housing authority outside Rushcliffe, but had a local connection to Rushcliffe (2a, 2b, 2c) before they were placed there.


The applicant is serving in the regular Armed Forces, or has left the regular Armed Forces in the last five years.


At least one applicant in the household are aged 50 or over, and are willing to move into a retirement living property*


Households with no children where at least one person is receiving Disability Living Allowance, and are willing to move into  a retirement living property*