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Housing for older people

There are a number of housing options that are designed to meet the different needs of older people.

We recognise that many people have no wish to move house, and would prefer assistance to remain in their current home. There are a number of services that can help with this. For details, see Housing Advice and Assistance for older people. You can find information on our Home Alarm Service and how it can help you to stay independent in your own home.


Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing (also sometimes called supported housing or retirement living) can cover a range of different arrangements. Some schemes will have a warden on site; some will have a visiting warden, or support workers who visit residents. Some have communal facilities, such as a lounge or library; others do not. Some have an alarm system to summon assistance from each property; some are simply designated so that properties are only let to people over a certain age, which is intended to preserve a peaceful environment.

One thing these have in common is that they are not the same as residential care. Every resident has their own flat or bungalow, with a lockable front door, and their own private facilities, such as kitchen, bathroom and living room. Sheltered housing providers do not normally provide personal care to residents, although some may provide assistance with tasks around the home, such as changing a lightbulb or unblocking a sink.

Sheltered housing for rent in Rushcliffe is advertised through Homesearch, so if you are interested in these properties, you need to register and apply through Homesearch. There is normally an age restriction, so you have to be 55 or over, or have a disability, to qualify for sheltered housing. Given the variety of properties and services on offer, it is important to read the advertisement text carefully, and to contact the provider if you have any queries about what they offer.

Sheltered housing can be found in all the towns and larger villages in Rushcliffe, with a full list in our Affordable Housing Directory 2013.

Extra Care

Extra Care housing is often seen as a ‘halfway house’ between sheltered housing and residential care. Residents rent (or purchase) a whole property, not just a bedroom, and care staff visit them as often as is needed to help with personal tasks. However, many modern Extra Care developments are designed along “retirement community” lines, and are also open to people who do not have any care needs, but prefer the security and reassurance of having staff on site.

There is a limited amount of Extra Care housing in Rushcliffe, located in Cotgrave and Edwalton. You normally need to be referred by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Retirement housing for sale

It is sometimes possible to purchase properties in both sheltered housing and Extra Care schemes. Property owners do not pay rent, but may have to pay for ground rent, maintenance charges or sinking fund, and will still have to pay for any care or support provided. Nevertheless, this is a good option for some people who wish to retain the independence and capital investment of owning their own home. Retirement properties for sale are normally advertised through estate agents and on property websites.

Residential & nursing care

It is often a sudden crisis that leads people to consider moving into residential or nursing care. It can sometimes be difficult to arrive at the best decision in these circumstances. You may wish to explore the different options with your family and friends before you feel that you need to move into care, so that you have the information you need in the future. You can find further information on moving into care and details of how to apply on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

Where to get more advice

If you are thinking about sheltered housing, Extra Care or residential care, you may wish to contact the FirstStop service, which is provided by Elderly Accommodation Counsel. This brings together a wealth of expertise for older people, families and carers on issues such as finance, benefits, housing and care options. There are downloadable leaflets and a care options directory, which you can use to search for residential and care homes and sheltered housing where you want to live. You can visit the FirstStop‎ website or call 0800 377 7070.

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