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Affordable housing report

Developing new affordable housing is one of our top priorities. We report on how we are progressing the delivery of affordable housing. You can download the latest report from the menu on the right of this page. Listed below are some of the new homes that have been completed in recent years.

Completed 2011/12


  • 4 x houses for rent
  • 6 x houses through FirstBuy
  • 4 x flats through FirstBuy

East Bridgford

  • 2 x bungalows for rent

East Leake

  • 23 x houses for rent
  • 4 x houses for HomeBuy
  • 3 x flats for rent


  • 1 x house for rent
  • 5 x houses for HomeBuy

West Bridgford

  • 2 x houses for rent